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Can you decrypt the secret code before our computer agent deciphers yours?

This website contains an applet in which you can play the "Da Vinci Code" game against a reasoning computer agent. By reasoning logically and deducing new knowledge while the game proceeds, try to get one step ahead and beat the agent.

Are you up for the challenge?

Game Rules:

The goal of the game is to crack each other's "code" - a sequence of secret numbers. Guess an opponent's secret number and it is revealed. Guess incorrectly and you must reveal one of your own secret numbers!

Each player begins by drawing four numbered blocks from a face-down pile. The tiles are lined up in numeric order (black always left from white) so that only he or she can see them, and the game begins.

On your turn, you choose either a white or a black new tile from the pile and it is added on the right place in your code. Choose a tile in the array of the computer agent, and then try to identify it, by stating which number must be on the tile. If you're correct, the computer agent reveals the tile. If you're wrong, the tile you drew from the pile is revealed to the computer agent. As long as you make correct guesses, you can keep guessing additional tiles. If you decide to end your turn before making an incorrect guess, you can keep the tile you drew unrevealed, making your code longer.

The game continues until one of the two players has revealed every tile of the opponent. That player is the winner.

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Find out how the computer agent reasons about the game!

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